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Who we work with

We work in close partnership with:

Partick Trinity Church,

Church of Scotland

Lawrence Street, Glasgow

Whiteinch Church of Scotland,

Church of Scotland

(meeting in the Whiteinch centre, Northinch Court, Glasgow)

Wellington Church,

Church of Scotland

University Avenue, Glasgow

Scotsoun Parish Church

Church of Scotland

Earlbank Avenue, Glasgow

St. Silas Church,

Episcopal Church

Park Road, Woodlands, Glasgow

West Glasgow New Church

Whiteinch, Glasgow

(meeting in Cleveden Secondary School)

Partick South Parish Church,

Church of Scotland

Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Balshagray Victoria Park

Church of Scotland

Broomhill Drive, Glasgow

Scripture Union Scotland

And we also work informally with


Dowanvale Free Church, Dowanhill Street, Partick, Glasgow


Jordanhill Parish Church of Scotland, Woodend Drive, Glasgow


Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church of Scotland, Glasgow

Re:Hope Church, Glasgow

Findlay Church, Glasgow

Sanyford Henderson Memorial Church, Glasgow

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